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Quang Khanh Technical Services Co., Ltd. was established on April 8, 2011 with the main function of providing paint spraying services to restore and protect metal for machine parts surfaces as well as structural surfaces. metal. type using HVOF and Plasma metal spraying technology.

The company's service industries include::
1. Metal coating
2. Overhaul of rotating equipment
3. Repair and restore valves
4. Restore Babbitt bearings
5. Precision mechanical processing
6. Sulzer Turbo Services representative
      The application range of paint spraying can be classified as follows:
+ Spray paint to restore machine parts
+ Spray paint to protect metal structures
+ Spraying special coatings with high material costs: wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, heat-resistant...
+ Spray paint (electrical conductive paint, good thermal conductivity paint, magnetic paint...) on parts where the base material does not have these properties.
+ Repair defects of castings.
With the motto of improving the quality of equipment maintenance services in Vietnamese industry, gradually replacing Vietnamese services that have to be sent abroad for repair, the team of engineers and staff of Quang Khanh Company have boldly researched Research and application of paint spraying technology for Vietnam's mechanical industry. industry. maintenance market.
We have used equipment from advanced countries around the world such as:
1, Israeli HVOF and air injection equipment,
2. Metal powder raw materials from SulzerMetco company, is the world's leading manufacturer of raw materials for paint spraying technology.
We are committed to meeting all metal spraying needs with the best quality and competitive prices for industries: oil and gas, turbine power generation, aviation, transportation, chemicals, printing industry, metal heat treatment,....


Dynamic Balancing Services

Quang Khanh Company with the capacity of 2 Schencks dynamic balancing machines has the ability to: - Long rotor shaft 500 mm - Propeller load capacity 1.5 tons, - Maximum rotor diameter 1500mm - Rotor rotation speed up to 65,000 rpm - The level of accuracy after dynamic balancing reaches ISO 1940 G2.5

Babbitt Bearing Housing services

The standard applies to ASTM B-23 materials Babbitt bearing housing after coating is tested by NDT (PT, UT or RT) Restores all types of bearings: Cylindrical bearings (Smooth journals), Cylindrical bearings with circumferential oil sectors (with circumferential grooves), Bearings with 2 sectors for oil to enter on the side divided into 2 halves, Elliptical or lemon-shaped silver (bearing lemon), 3-piece silver (three lobes), 2 halves horizontal floating arrangement (offset), multi-piece silver (tilted cushion), Axial stop silver (bearing shoe) With rotation speeds up to 65,000 RPM

Overhaul of Valves

Maintenance of Ball Valve, Gate valve, Control Valve, Globe valve, Check valve, etc... - Spray coating HVOF on damaged parts - Grinding, Polishing, Lapping - Re-assembly and Hydraulic Pressure Testing by API 598, API 6D, API 5L, ASME B16.34, ..

HVOF Coating Services

Metal spraying was a Swiss engineer named Max Ulrich SCHOOP invented in the early years of the 20th century principle of the method is the use of this technology heat source (arc, gas fire and plasma) melting metal.

Overhaul of Rotating Equipment

Conduct detailed drawing for fabrication and reassembly Refurbish shaft by HVOF Coating Refurbish Babbitt Bearings Following API 610 Commissioning 72h at Big Bear Platform

Refurbishment of Mechanical Seal

Refurbish damaged parts by HVOF Coating Re- machine Re-assembly and Testing by API 682